Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm back!


Sorry to everyone for going AWOL for a bit. Like the rest of you, December was a busy month. My boss went on vacation, and my coworker was still out on sick leave during that time, in addition to traveling to two states for Christmas gatherings, December just flew by.

And January, well, I've just been enjoying laziness. I figured out how to use my DVR function on the cable box, therefore I have a dozen episodes of The Golden Girls awaiting me at all times. I get up, watch the Girls, and then go to work. But now, I think I've had enough of my laziness, so I'll get back around to be posting more on here.

Today is a snow day. My first since college and high school. Kentucky is expecting the Snowpocalypse 2010, so everything has been canceled and postponed and whatnot for today. (Last year, we had a catastrophic ice storm at the exact same time of the year, so everyone is in panic mode.)

Anyway, my plan was to finally get around to upholstering one of those white chairs I wrote about earlier. But, I chickened out. I bought everything I need, including wood stain for the wooden legs. When I read the directions, it said to keep away from open flame, and we have the pilot light going on our fireplace, so I'd rather not risk it. Plus, I remembered the hubs is pretty sensitive in his sinuses to the scent of finish and such, so I may wait until spring now. But here's a look at my supplies:

I bought some fake-suede at Hobby Lobby on sale to go on the back of the chair and the print I showed earlier for the seat.

While I'm blogging, I'll share a picture frame I put together before Christmas as a kids craft. I bought the wooden frame for $1 at Michaels, then glued (with Elmer's Glue!) buttons on the front. Super easy and super cute!