Sunday, June 27, 2010

March was a long time ago...

Wow. Was it really March the last time I posted? Goodness. I'm a terrible blogger.

In my defense. March wasn't a good month for me — in my line of work, March is my absolute busiest month. And this particular March, most of my job was out of town, making me actually miss the lovely wedding of my best friend Jennifer while I was in California, of all places.

Anyway, no excuse really for April, May and most of June. My husband and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary, took a beach vacation and I turned 25.

Well, and we have been busy with this:


To this, After

And this

Yes, we caught the gardening bug. We planted our garden, rather, dug out our overgrown flowerbed behind our rental duplex, and planted some vegetables on Easter weekend. We've been busy with it every day since. We've fought broccoli worms, not knowing enough about the plants' growing seasons, and one gigantic, horendous no good dirty rotten tomato horned worm.

But, eating the fruits, er, vegetables of our labor has been so much fun. We've had cherry tomatoes for about three weeks now, and just picked our first red tomatoes, though they need to ripen another day before we slice into them.

Anyway, hope our patio helps inspire you all this summer. It's dramatically changed our lives. Before it got sweltering hot, we would plan how to maximize our time outside, grilling and just sitting. We bought two bird feeders and have now become avid birders. Which also means in addition to all our above worries, you can add squirrels to the list (although, the best deterrent I've found to be, while not perfect, is coating our shepherd's crooks with petroleum jelly — quite amusing to find Mr. Squirrel sliding down the pole like a fireman!).

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