Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Put a clearance sticker on it, and I'll buy it

I went to Michaels with a strict budget to buy crafty supplies for my sea shell endeavors. And then I came out with about $20 of wooden crafts to paint (I've got Christmas gifts for everyone in my spare room now!). These flower picture frames were less than a dollar each, and with paints on sale at Hobby Lobby, I spent about $5 on this project, not counting sealing spray (which is lovely, I might add).

Anyway, these are going to a cousin-in-law soon for her twin baby girls. They were a perfect afternoon project.

I wanted to add a little pizzaz to the frames without getting too gawdy, so I simply dipped the end of one of my brushes into paint and dabbed four or five times for consecutively smaller paint dots to add a little texture.

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