Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Craft time brought to you by the letter "H" for husband...

So the hubs thought he was getting all crafty and creative this weekend decorating his side of the spare bedroom. We both thought it was sharable.

Again, only slightly out of the box here.

One of the best tips I've read is the rule of posters and wall art. Don't be afraid to cut, chop or enlarge to make an aggregate singular piece of art. As per our rules of spare bedroom newlywed negotiation, we divided the room in half. Adam gets to decorate half, and I get to decorate half and we get to do as wish on our halves.

His taste in decorating included a punk poster of monkeys and a (in my mind, tacky) Jack Daniels poster. Anyway, we were conflicted in how to display both horizontally skewed posters above his desk when he came up with the idea to divide. Below is poster before and space after.

Trust me, it looks better in person. And now the hubs can say he's crafty, too. ;)

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