Thursday, November 5, 2009

Repurposed Pillows — With some razzledazzle

I wanted to add some colorful pillows to our living room, but they've been a little out of budget for me to buy them, plus, they're so easy buying a pillow takes the fun out of making a pillow. I found these pillows at a Salvation Army for $1 each. Yesterday, I cut off the ugly coverings to expose pristine stuffing.

I had found a lovely curtain panel at my favorite discount store for $10, but knew I couldn't use it in the living room, so I saved it for pillow fabric. I cut it up to cover the two pillows, and I still have some left over for another project.

The pillows would have been fine to stand alone, but they needed a little sparkle, so for $8 I bought 12 jeweled buttons.

When sewing, try using gray thread instead of white or black if you don't have a plethora of thread at your disposal. The gray is more neutral than either black or white and winds up blending pretty well into your fabrics and doesn't stand out as much.

Total cost of the project: $24 for two pillows. Not bad.


  1. Good job. I too am obsessed with pillows right now.

  2. Cute project. Glad you added the 'parkle to it.