Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gum Drop Goodness

This idea actually came from a Martha Stewart craft book, and of course, like all things Martha, just looked decadent in the book (hers was made entirely in cream-colored gum drops). In reality, mine doesn't look like hers, but I'm satisfied with it.

First, I bought two bags of "spice drops" as they're called at Wal-Mart for a $1 a bag. Before you start, take some wire and make a loop for hanging, so your gum drops can circle around it. Martha said to take toothpicks and break them in half, then stick the pointy ends into the wreath. Then you stick on the gum drop. Easy enough. Start your inside row first, but don't go all the way around. Instead, work in pieces and strips all over the wreath, so it has a uniform pattern.

In theory, the toothpick idea is super. In practice, I'm not sold. Half way through the wreath (and this is a smallish 8-inch wreath form, which cost about $4), my thumb and pointer finger were burning from the pushing the wooden sticks through the foam resistance. My thought is to hot glue the drops on, although I have yet to do it. I'd like to buy some foam cones and cover them with drops, so maybe I will try it then.

All in all, I'm pleased, and for the cost, it wasn't terrible. The multi-color drops aren't too Christmasy, which I was going for. I imagine you could buy a solid set of gum drops at a candy store, but I know those types of candies can run about $5 a pound, so that becomes cost ineffective for me right now.

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